Team Members


STEVE SAWYER is a member of Syracuse University’s iSchool faculty.. His research focuses on the relationships among changing forms of work, it’s organization and uses of information and communication technologies. Prior to returning to Syracuse, Steve was a founding member of the Pennsylvania State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology. For more on Steve’s research, see




sarikaSARIKA SHARMA is a doctoral candidate at Syracuse University, an IMLS e-Science fellow, and advisee of Dr. Sawyer. She received her undergraduate degree in zoology from University of Wisconsin- Madison and her MLIS from University of Pittsburgh. Her interests are e-Science, virtual collaborations in science, and data science.



sarahSARAH BRATT  is a PhD student at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. She holds a B.S. in Philosophy and M.S. in Library and Information Science. She works at the Media Interface Network Design (M.I.N.D.) Lab at the Newhouse School of public communications at SU. Her research focuses on digital scientific communication at the level of neuro-psychophysiological correlates as well as online communities.